Our company has rendered the most diverse services in the real estate area throughout its more than half century of existence. Among these countless services are the PURCHASING and SELLING of Real Estate in the City of Rio de Janeiro, as well as the SPECIALIZED REAL ESTATE APPRAISAL.

In the case of a “simple” appraisal to later put the property up for sale by our Company, the property appraisal service is not charged. If necessary, a very succinct “Appraisal Conclusion Letter” will be offered with the address and appraisal value.

Should a technical report be required for legal or corporate purposes, Sérgio Castro Imóveis has highly specialized people in its Appraisal Department. They can make the client aware of the property’s market value, and its other characteristics, through a TECHNICAL APPRAISAL REPORT elaborated by one of our brokers and ratified by the Company’s Management. We are members of CRECI (Regional Council for Real Estate Brokers), under registry J-250, ADEMI (Association of Directors of Real Estate Market Companies) and ABADI (Brazilian Association of Real Estate Administrators), under number 32. Our President, Dr. Sérgio Castro, was one of the founders of the first, almost fifty years ago. His registration number at CRECI as a real broker is 22.

Therefore, we are highly skilled at appraising and selling our clients' properties. A Sérgio Castro Imóveis Appraisal Report is a guarantee of precision and absolute realism since it is not our policy to overappraise the property merely to please our client. Our policy is based on transparency.

The price we charge to make out the report (which consists of a small dossier with diverse information about the property, its location, state and market price, stamped by Sérgio Castro Imóveis) is absolutely consonant with our City's market.

Fill out our ON-LINE PROPERTY APPRAISAL FORM below, and remember we are only qualified to appraise real estate property located in Rio de Janeiro.

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Rua da Assembléia, 40, 11°, 12° e 13° andares
Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil - CEP 20011-000
(Next to the Menezes Côrtes Garage Terminal)
PABX: (05521) 2272-4422
Rentals Department (05521) 2509-0717
Sales Department (05521) 2272-4400 /
Fax 24 hours: (05521) 2509-0910
Av. das Américas, 4200 – Bl. IV – Grupo 401
Centro Empresarial do Barra Shopping
Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro – RJ - Brazil
(Exclusive Parking)
PABX: (05521) 3385-4949

Rua Sacadura Cabral, nº 301 - Loja e Sobreloja
Gamboa - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil - CEP 20221-160
(Exclusive Parking)
Phone: (05521) 2292-0080
Others: (05521) 2510-6134
            (05521) 2510-6008
            (05521) 2253-1684
            (05521) 2283-6103

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