With more than 59 years of tradition in the Real Estate market in the City of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Castro operates in Property Management and Administration, Purchase and Sale, General Rentals, Appraisals and Legal Accompaniment of real estate transactions. We have a highly specialized and qualified team to render services with the excellence expected from a company with all that tradition and solidness through our City’s territory. When buying, selling or renting properties in Rio de Janeiro - commercial or residential - Sergio Castro is your best choice.

With solid and considerable real estate assets, Sergio Castro offers all the necessary security to carry out all sorts of real estate business. Traditionally one of the largest property managers in the South and North zones, we have prepared and trained professionals to handle everything from the sale or rental of joined property to buildings and entire commercial areas, always with the same dedication, rendering effective and VIP services to all our clients.

In this space, besides getting to know more about our company, its history and areas of operation, you will also be able to check, in real time, all the properties being offered for sale and rent (a total of more than 2000), many with on-line photos, as well as be able to request an appraisal of your property from our Appraisal Department. We also make available a section with useful information about the real estate market for our visitors, and another with downloads where you can find drafts of contracts and other useful legal instruments for those who rent or sell properties without the intermediation of a real estate company.

Welcome to Sergio Castro Im�veis, THE COMPANY WITH THE SOLUTION.


We protect and increase your income, eliminating all your concerns.

Better return for your property.
Better property for your budget.

Huge portfolio of options, excellent candidates, quick and safe rental.

Own Legal Team with broad experience in Real Estate Law.

The largest commercial and industrial real estate department in the City, with specialized and experienced professionals.

While Sergio Castro works, the client relaxes.