What are the advantages owners have in entrusting Sergio Castro Imóvel to sell their properties?


One of the most solid and renowned Companies in the real estate sector, with more than half a century of immaculate professional, legal and financial experience, and over this long period of activities, it has become well-known and respected in the commercial and banking environments.


The Company has solid patrimonial security with high values in its own real estate properties, including its four floors of head offices at Rua da Assembléia, # 40, where they have been installed since 1966. With regard to owner security, we can say that all clients interested in purchasing any property are accompanied on their visits by our brokers, after telephone contact with each owner, scheduling the day and time for the visits, thus providing our clients with peace of mind and security. No visit is directly made to a property by the interested party without the accompaniment of our professional.


We have broad experience in the real estate sector and we rigorously train our brokers, who undergo a veritable course on brokering and company norms before being scheduled for duty. We only work with real estate brokers accredited by CRECI (Regional Council of Real Estate Brokers), after a serious analysis of each individual file, certificates of good standing, police clearance certificate and medical clearance certificate.


Our analysis of the price for the property to be offered makes us work only with properties with normal market prices. We do not begin offering properties until we have been duly authorized, in writing, by the owners.


We have a team of attorneys in our Legal Department who will analyze all documentation before putting the property up for sale, informing the owner if something is not in order and listing the documents required to correct the problem.


We also have an accredited expediter service to regularize any real estate document, as well as to obtain certificates of good standing, withhold estate taxes, laudemium and others.


In the case of a sale with part financed, we send the owner a rough draft of the deed to be drawn up so it can be examined before the signing date so there is no doubt about the clauses contained therein.


For greater commodity, our deeds are signed in our offices, with scheduled sates and times that are mainly convenient for the property owners. Our Company accompanies every move from the visit to the property to the signing of the deed, without any work for the owner.

Let the COMPANY WITH THE SOLUTION handle your property.


While Sergio Castro works, the client relaxes.

Rua da Assembléia, 40, 11°, 12° e 13° andares
CEP 20011-000 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
[Next to the Menezes Côrtes Garage Terminal]

PABX: (0xx21) 2272-4422
Rentals Department (0xx21) 2509-0717
Sales Department (0xx21) 2272-4400 / 2224-5830
Fax 24 hours: (0xx21) 2509-0910

Av. das Américas, 4200 – Bl. IV – Grupo 401 - Centro Empresarial do Barra Shopping
Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro – RJ - Brazil
(Exclusive Parking)

PABX: (05521) 3328-6314
Others: (05521) 2432-7901 / 3328-6312

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